Gypse eyes

Gypsé Eyes is a limited run art publication that investigates love and sex through design, photograpy and writing. Run by a artist Tyler Lafreniere, out of his Brooklyn studio, this project is a labor of love. The goal is to create something beautiful and engaging that will incorporate work from artists we care about.

To Purchase print issues of Gypsé Eyes and other wonderful things please visit our store at

For more information, to suggest/submit content to either the site or print publication, for stocking information, or any other questions please email us info[at] and visit our main site at


Emily Senko by Alice Rosati for All Magazine
  1. takaakik:

    Emily Senko by Alice Rosati for All Magazine

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    Beautiful long legs ideal for pantyhose teasing.
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    Emily Senko by Alice Rosati for All Magazine
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